What purpose does this blog serve?

This blog is intended to serve as an educational tool and discussion base for LARP, Living History and narratives of all kinds.

I, and hopefully more authors in the future, would like to write about the following 3 topics:

  • Participation and organisation of LARP events
  • Participation in Living History and procurement of items for it
  • Creation of narratives that I will sell on this website
2 schwarz gekleidete Gestalten greifen einen Abenteurer im Plattenpanzer, einen Abenteuer in Lederrüstung und einen Abenteurer mit einer Armbrust an.
Scene from the first LARP I organised: “Shadows” ambush the adventurers (picture by Claudia Chiodi).

Each article should fulfil the following 3 criteria:

  • Ask a simple question or problem in the title that should then be answered or solved
  • Serve as an educational tool and basis for discussion
  • Be independent of other articles

Since I will be documenting my projects in this way in the future, the blog will also serve as a kind of journal for me and any other authors. Are you interested in participating or do you have suggestions for questions or problems? Then write me an e-mail at Hermann@MitOffenemVisier.com

I look forward to your feedback. 🙂

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